Thursday, March 4, 2010

Necessary Acquisition Covet

I love a pop of color, from turquoise Fu Dog bookends to a grass green cashmere throw casually yet so perfectly tossed across the back of your sofa. It's these touches, these details and attention to the extra-ordinary that bring a room to life.

My newest must have is this vintage Hermes tray table. Absolutely perfect for that daring pop of color and beyond chic at the same time. The classic Hermes orange is a stand
out piece to feature in your living room - although I'm thinking bedside table. A vase filled with fresh flowers, a sterling clock resting upon a stack of books, a lacquered tortoise shell box and Vie Luxe candle will round out this look to perfection.

Now, if only I could find it - vintage and Hermes make this a nearly impossible task. But no worries darlings - it will soon enough be mine.


Ella said...

I was looking around on google for this hermes tray and came across ur post about it.. was wondering if you've found one or a similar to this, I would be more than happy for an answer!?

Smitten Shopper said...

Ella -

Fabulous taste! I haven't come across any yet that weren't prohibitively expensive. Still looking (and coveting) that tray! I've heard there is a place in the Hamptons that has them for a decent price - but I haven't had time to explore that option yet.

I will let you know if I find it.

xx SS

Anonymous said...

do you mind saying where you found the trays? even if they were insanely expensive! I've been searching for a LONG time!!! :)

Smitten Shopper said...

Anon -

You and Ella both have fabulous taste!

I've done a little research on the trays and there seems to be a source for them in the Hamptons/Napa areas. She professes to not get them often, but I would add yourself to a list if you are interested.

Web page:

Nothing quite as chic as that Hermes Orange to brighten a room.

Good luck in your search and do let me know if you've squired one home :)

xx SS